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Estate Planning
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We Provide Customized Estate Planning Solutions

Our estate planning team brings years of education and experience to this ever changing area of practice. The firm provides services that include helping our clients plan their estates using customized tools appropriate to the individual client to achieve the client’s desires. We look to the many dangers faced by our clients, their loved ones, and their estates; and provide them with planning solutions that will work. If a foundational plan meets the client's needs, that is what we deliver. On the other hand advanced planning is often needed as well to protect the hard earned assets and loved ones of our clients. The documents we prepare are excellent but the counseling and teaching we provide to efficaciously create your plan, is our greatest value.

You should know a few things about our estate planning department. We do not sell documents. Documents do not come off of a shelf. One document such as a revocable living trust is not the equivalent of another document with the same name. We select which documents you require and custom draft them to fit your needs. In estate planning, as in many other areas of life, the lowest initial cost is often the most expensive choice one can make. We believe we deliver the best total value to our clients.

Our clients tell us that they enjoy the experience of estate planning with us. Educating you and then accomplishing your desires with customized and appropriate planning tools that work, while providing you with a positive experience is a successful estate planning engagement for us.

Some of the planning areas in which we provide services:

  • Lifetime planning for you, your, spouse, your children, and your grandchildren;
  • Disability planning;
  • Health care and incapacity planning including medical and mental health care powers of attorney, living wills, HIPAA Authorizations, durable powers of attorney,
  • Multi-generational planning;
  • Planning for non-citizens;
  • Special needs planning;
  • Planning to pass on your values, who you are;
  • Tax planning such as estate taxes, gift taxes, generation skipping taxes, ordinary income taxes and capital gain taxes;
  • Qualified plans such as pensions, IRAs, and 401K planning;
  • Asset protection from future, unknown creditors utilizing business structures, carefully drafted irrevocable trusts, domestic asset protection state structures, and off shore structures;
  • Asset protection from future long term care costs including qualification for Medicaid and VA Aid & Attendance Pension;
  • Charitable planning.

Trust Settlement & Probate

Upon the death of a loved one the survivors are left with many confusing and difficult legal tasks. Our estate planning team is eager to step in and support you during this difficult and emotional time. We will walk you through the process which will include a multitude of notifications, forms to fill out, re-titling and distribution of assets, establishment of testamentary trusts, disclaimer analysis, taxes, creditor claims, marshalling of assets, insurance, appraisals, sales of assets, expenses, and all of the personal family issues as well. All of this must be accomplished even when there is a revocable living trust.

Assets may pass any one of three ways. They may pass by operation of law such as a life insurance policy paying out to the named beneficiary. They may pass by the terms of a trust which is the titled owner of the asset. Otherwise they pass through a legal process referred to as probate. If there is a need for a probate all of the above must still be done. In addition a court action is filed and very specific rules must be followed to complete the process. It has been said that probate is you filing a law suit against yourself after you die for the benefit of any possible creditors. The courts continue to make the probate process less complex. However, without experience, it is still difficult for many people to endure going through theprobate process without help.

After a loved one’s death and the settlement of the estate, including probate, if necessary, the beneficiaries should have their own estate plans created or updated.

Our estate planning team will provide whatever legal help you need to walk you through the difficult transitions related to a loved one’s death in a caring and compassionate manner.

Please let us know how we may help you. Call 480-609-0011 or contact us via email.
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